March for Jobs in Pittsburgh at G20 Summit

Stop Foreclosures and Evictions

YES! I would like to help mobilize for the NYC G20 Summit Protest in September and the May 31 and June 14-17 Peoples' Economic Summits in NYC and Detroit!

There are many ways that YOU as a volunteer can help!
First, endorse and lend your name or your group's name to this effort. Be in New York for the G20 protest in September and the Peoples' Economic Summit on May 31, and in Detroit for the Peoples Summit June 14-17. If you are able, help organize a bus, car or van load of people to come to the protests. We can send you flyers and information to distribute to friends, co-workers or fellow students. We can also send an organizer to your group, school, union or neighborhood meeting to speak. Be listed as an organizer for your region and work with other people who are fed up and angry about this crisis. Raise funds to ensure that everyone can participate.
These are just a few of the things you can do. You may have many other ideas yourself.
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